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Your Voice: A Student Publication


Your Voice: A Student Publication


Ms. Smedley Interview – Ayla Bernardo



Q: What’s your favorite part of Bancroft so far?

A: The community, the students and faculty are super welcoming and I already feel like a part of it.


Q: What did you want to be growing up? Would your younger self be surprised with your current job?

A: I wanted to be on Broadway when I was growing up. I think my younger self would be surprised but I’ve always liked academics so teaching makes sense.


Q: What’s something that most people wouldn’t think when they first meet you?

A: That I like crime TV.


Q: What’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled to?

A: I loved visiting Basque Country of Spain because I was able to meet a local family for a weekend and practice Spanish. It’s a beautiful small town and deeply cultural.


Q: What’s something you wish you could experience for the first time again?

A: Going to China. I went when I was 19 and tried to study but I didn’t know as much as I do now.


Q: If you could see any artist live, who would you want to see?

A: Probably Reneé Rapp, but I’m seeing her on October 28th!


Q: What’s your favorite Taylor Swift era?

A: I don’t really listen to Taylor Swift but maybe 1989.


Q: Are you gaslight, gatekeep, or girlboss?

A: Girlboss because I’m spontaneous and can pick up and go wherever.


Q: Is there anything else you want to say?

A: Just that I’m very lucky to have such great students for my first year here.

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