Interview with Randolph

Interview with Randolph

Angie Niver, Writer

Q: What are some basic things that we should know about you?

A: I like to be called Randolph. I don’t need to be called Mr. C, not “Randy” not “Rudolph”, not any of the above, Randolph is fine. Two, my job right now is who I am as a person, not just this job. I am the kind of person who will go to a barber shop and like, unpack the patriarchy to a group of people who don’t want to hear about it for 20-30 minutes because I think it’s important to let them know that, and that informs my job here because that’s basically what I do. 

Q: Where are you coming from location and job-wise?

A: I’m coming from the lower school here. I taught fifth grade here for three years. Before that, I taught seventh grade at Worcester middle school, so I’ve lived and worked in Worcester for a while. Since College, since I got back from college in 2018. I was at the Y in East Middle and Bancroft.

Q: How long have you been at Bancroft?

A: Four years as a coach, three as a teacher, and now one as a dean. So, this is my fifth year teaching.

Q: What attracted you to Bancroft?

A: Crew team! That’s how I got in, I started as an assistant coach then I became a head coach, then a substitute teacher, a classroom teacher, assistant dean, and now assistant coach again, so kind of full circle which is pretty cool 

Q: Okay, it’s a chill Saturday; you don’t have to worry about work, or school, which I guess is kind of the same thing for you, no obligations. What are you gonna do? 

A: I’m probably at the lake in the morning, either coaching some adult group or just going out for a row myself. If not, then i’ll go play basketball or go for a hike, probably try to do something active, usually first thing. Then I get back home, and it’s the Saturday morning cleaning-out, which means I turn on the playlist and get to cleaning. I have a cat that sheds so much, so I just need to make sure I’m dusting, doing all the hair stuff, cleaning all the floors because if not, it’s just cat hair everywhere. And then Saturday afternoons or evenings I probably try to find some sort of musical event that I would want to go to, or some sort of- yeah- probably something social with my friends. I hang out with high schoolers a lot and it’s nice to be with people who are my own age.

Q: What are you hoping to bring to or expand upon at Bancroft?

A: I want to bridge the gap between Bancroft and the city of Worcester, and make it so that it’s not this bubble that’s separate from the rest of the city; that it’s part of the greater Worcester community. And I want to make sure that the Bancroft community within itself is a welcoming and inclusive environment to the students that are here. It’s not just about getting the students in the door, but once they’re here, making sure that they have everything that they need and that we’re supporting them to actually be successful. Not because it’s good for us as a school, but because it’s good for them as a student. 

Q: Awesome. Alright, I think this one is the most important; your top three favorite artists of all time:

A: The pressure is on, and this is a particularly challenging week to answer that question. I’m gonna go with, in no particular order, pre-Pablo Kanye, everything on that side is good, all positive. I’m a big Young Thug fan, and a big Notorious B.I.G fan, and what’s one more for good measure… I’m loving the new Beyonce album. That’ll be my last piece.