Outfit Survey

Hello all. You might remember, a couple of weeks ago (about two months), I sent out a survey about our “new” dress code. I asked about whether or not we liked the new dress code. The overwhelming majority said “yes” or “yeah”.


So, the whole point of the relaxed dress code was to make us feel more comfortable and well, relaxed. I think the majority of us agree it’s done its job. But what is the changed dress code? Well to my understanding, and recent emails, it’s pretty much any clothing that is appropriate and doesn’t show too much skin. Hats are still under debate, but anything excluding bikinis and outrageous clothes.

Then I got started thinking “what’s the point of changing this dress code? Why are they doing it?” The reason I think they opened it was to make us more relaxed, confident, and able to express ourselves (at least through clothing). And the benefit in us being more comfortable and confident could mean more confidence in ourselves and our answers. So, essentially, I think they opened the dress code to inspire more participation.

It was pretty split over whether this worked or not. Then I started thinking whether it was dependent on each person’s perspective on fashion and it’s importance. I wondered whether people felt that when they dressed better, they felt better and more confident, or if when they were comfortable in their clothes they were more comfortable in themselves.

From there, I got curious about dress codes versus uniforms. Does the student body actually want a uniform, or is their fashion freedom more important? The results (surprisingly) were mixed.

All in all, I saw a lot more mixed opinions on the dress code than I expected from the survey. I hope this survey was interesting and informative on our opinions of the dress code!


Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash