Interview with Mr. Grady


Sarah Sadowsky, Writer

Where did you work before Bancroft? 

I was at Assumption University and Worcester State University. 


How do you like Bancroft so far?

So far I really like it. We have a great studio for all of the art classes. I really enjoy my colleagues, and working with the students. 


Is there a difference between transitioning from working with college students to working with high schoolers? 

Yeah, I think the maturity level is different. Not necessarily skill level, though. Certainly some of the students that take art as a major in college, you know, they develop their skills quite a bit. Some of the level one classes, you get college students that have never had any drawing or painting or art experience. 


How did you learn about Bancroft? 

How did I learn about it? I live in the area, so I drive by it all the time, so I always knew it was here. A friend of mine told me about looking into it, she had her son go here. So it was on my radar. I was looking for a full-time job for a while, a couple years. 


What led you to becoming an art teacher? 

What led me to be an art teacher? It was one of the first jobs I got. When I graduated college, not sure what to do, so you go around and try to get a job. So one of the first jobs I got was working at the Worcester Art Museum, I was a teacher there. I guess that kind of set the course for the next 20 years. 


What’s your favorite thing about being an artist? 

I like the freedom of it. I feel like I’m pretty free to build the class how I see it. But there’s also freedom in being an artist where you don’t have someone telling you what to make, and you decide that on your own. So I think that the freedom to make my own decisions is what I think is important.