Advice for Rising Seniors


UNITE. This is the last year you’ll ever be all in one place. Talk to the kids you never talked to before. Leave all the silly drama behind. Enjoy one another and the memories you’ve all made together over the course of high school.

JOIN EVERYTHING. This includes clubs, sports, anything that interests you. You’ll meet more people, make more connections, and have the most fulfilling last year at Bancroft.

EMBARRASS YOURSELF. Do it!! Do not hold back or shy away from activities that seem out of your comfort zone. You will have the most memorable time when you are able to let loose. And who cares, you may never see these people again!

ENJOY YOUR LASTS. If you have a normal mountain day, prom, and graduation… cherish them. They will be your last ones and you’ll finally be able to experience them in all your senior glory.

TAKE PICTURES. Again, this year is the last time you’ll all be together and memorializing that is really special. You’ll want to look back on those in a few years.

SENIOR THESIS… pick a senior thesis topic that interests you. This will be so much more fun to write than something that was chosen because it sounds intellectual.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF RESOURCES. Teachers are more than willing to meet with you about college, classes, papers, homework, and honestly sometimes life advice. Talk to them!

COLLEGE DECISIONS… you will end up where you need to be and it will all be okay. Even if the college process does not go as planned, there will always be other paths that will lead you to unexpected but wonderful directions. Try to work on college apps over the summer, so that your senior fall won’t be too hectic. If that’s not possible, space it out over the fall. It’ll all work out; every senior in the past has gotten through it.

BE PROUD. Take a step back to gain perspective on just how far you have come. A few Autumns ago you were walking through the high school doors, maybe for the first time, probably unsure of yourself, and definitely without as much knowledge as you have now. It’s incredibly impressive. Take time throughout the year to slow down and reflect, because you’ve made it.

This year is about you. There are so many people out there who want to help you and see you succeed. Celebrate your accomplishments with them, because there have been/will be many.

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash