Advice to Rising Seniors


Hey new seniors!… the time has come 🙁


It’s your final year at Bancroft, oh what fun.

Oh but wait you’re going to be out of your mind stressed with APs and applying to college which is no fun.


You must remind yourself to breathe and lean on who you can for help.

Additionally, check in with yourself and take the breaks you need. Don’t get to the point where you feel like you need to yelp.


It’ll all go by so fast… the blink of an eye as they say.

But you will determine how your senior year will go: yay or nay.


Don’t skip the fun things and act like the forced grade events are bad. You are simply not cool. 

Have fun with your grade before you’re off to a new school.


It doesn’t matter if you end the year off with an award, if you’re a leader of 4 clubs, take all AP classes, you’re all special in your own way.


Senior year is a year to celebrate your differences, but also come together as a unit. You are it. This is it.


Enjoy it for the love of Spike. It’ll go by in a swoosh.  Oh new seniors, your time is coming to an end.


Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash