Mrs. Fortier’s Parting Words

What will you miss most about Bancroft/favorite memories?

– reconnecting with students in September

– when one of my classes wins a brownie challenge

– when I get to use my “YES” button because a student said something ah-mazing

– when students trust me enough to share a truth about themselves in a personal/college essay

– when Young Writers Conference attendees happily return on a Sunday morning and start playing the custom Spotify list

– when a student wanders into my classroom for a chat…best.feeling.ever.

– when any student at any time is earnest about learning

– when a student brings in snacks for the class — without any reason

– when a student stops me in the hallway to talk about a book

– planning every issue of Unleashed (I’ve had a fantastic run of Editors!)

– Mountain Day…esp on a warm day 🙂

– speaking at graduation with Ms. Merritt

– chatting with the dining hall staff

– going out after work with colleagues

Hold on TIGHTLY to the great vibe at this school — don’t let it change!