Post-College Process

Post-College Process

Kaileigh Strong (she/her), Writer

Senior year. If you’re not a senior, get ready. This is the year everyone will ask you about college. Everyone. At least 3 times a week. “Do you know where you wanna go yet?” NO I DON’T PLEASE STOP ASKING. 

So anyways. 

You might be wondering what life is like post-college process. To be honest, it’s actually the same. The only difference now is that I don’t have looming deadlines, I don’t have supplementals to write about about ice cream flavors, and I no longer feel the pressure of encapsulating my entire self into 650 words of a personal essay. I will say this: my jealousy level of all my classmates is unnaturally higher than it was before. All of them have their early decisions to ivy league schools and deposits and merch for the school they’re actually going to and not 5 sweatshirts from different schools they visited. Don’t get me wrong, I love my classmates. I just resent them a little bit. Curse Syracuse University for not having early action, honestly. 

One thing I absolutely was not prepared for was the amount of times people would congratulate me on not getting rejected. No, Penn State Altoona is not what really screams “Kaileigh!” to me. Did Penn State reject me? No, not technically. But if I’m not good enough for Penn State University Park then what’s the point? Still, some people will still congratulate me on not getting rejected. Ok, just because I didn’t get rejected it doesn’t mean I can’t be sad that Penn State University Park doesn’t want me. 

So, life post-college process….is really the same but now I don’t have Mr. Townley yelling at me to apply to Sarah Lawrence anymore. Mr. Townley if you see this, I’m totally kidding!!