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Your Voice: A Student Publication


Your Voice: A Student Publication


Food Insecurity in Worcester – Persuasion Piece


In Worcester, there are around 65,000 people that are facing some kind of food insecurity. Not only that, but 78% of those people are living at 200% of the poverty line (Putting Food on the Table). That means that people are struggling every day in order to survive. People will go as far as to sacrifice paying light or electricity bills just in order to get their next meal. There are also over 14,000 people under the age 18 living in fear of hunger (Feeding America), not to mention the 500+ people facing homelessness in Worcester, a 43% increase from last year (Telegram and Gazette). Keep in mind that these statistics were recorded in 2021, meaning that those numbers have most likely increased pretty significantly since then. Living in Worcester, these problems can surround you anywhere you go, and there is an organization that sees these problems and is trying to fix them.

EBS is a nonprofit organization located on the corner of Davis street and Piedmont street in central Worcester. They were created in 1991 by a group of community members and are still fully run by the people in that area. They are also completely staffed by volunteers, making for a warm and caring feel throughout their organization. My mom has volunteered there for the past two summers, and she can not say enough good about it. They describe themselves as “not only a food pantry, but a community center” (About Us – El Buen Samaritano), which points towards their goals. As mentioned previously, their goal is to oppose hunger and to bring people together. They sell food that could be too expensive for people that are facing hunger issues. This is a focus, yet they have a huge focus on bringing members of the community together.

I am encouraging you to either volunteer or donate to this cause. I understand that volunteering takes time, but it does count towards the needed volunteer hours that Bancroft requires. Giving your time to this organization would mean the world to not only the people you’re helping, but yourself. Their donation page is linked here. I hope that I’ve convinced you to support this organization.

–  Andrew Belanger


Photo by Syd Wachs on Unsplash

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