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Your Voice: A Student Publication


Your Voice: A Student Publication


A Poem – Andrew


I have looked to the sky in search of the letters that could write you into reality.

Finding V’s in the birds 

And finding L’s in the branches.

I created a new letter from every fuzzy cloud in the vast sky.

I found enough letters to make a blurry alphabet.

Now, I had enough letters to try and describe your indescribable self.

It took me hours to piece each letter into one word… extraordinary.

As I set out to find more letters in the blue sky, it turned into a pastel purple. 

When I looked to my left there were no more birds. 

I shot my head to the right in search of sticks but there were no more. 

When I looked to the top of the sky, the clouds started to disintegrate like cotton candy at the touch of a mouth.

I searched for every letter I could find in order to write you into reality but there was nothing left.

I guess some people are better unwritten.


Photo by Cris S. on Unsplash

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