Shells/Mollusks – A Poem

Anonymous, Writer


The house has no windows.

The door slammed shut.

I’m told of solitude – 

              emotional incarceration.

              Behind bars. Concrete walls.

                              Wrongfully imprisoned.            but

The walls keep me safe. 

They keep me separate.

                 “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

                  Absence makes the heart forget faster                      (I tell myself).


The fastest way to you,

I would drown on the journey.


On the way I find a shell.

              Ear to aperture, 

                           it tells a story.




Rough hands on soft skin.

It’s delicate to the touch.

I fear of breaking it. I fear it will crumble.

Again and again: “Opposites attract”. 

                 Does water not kill fire? Show me harmony.

Ocean waves drown me out – drown you out.

I hear a voice, but the water is stronger.

Waves splash the shore.

The sand lives.

   Sand is malleable. 

                               Learn to be sand.

Am I the flame that turns you to glass?

          Or are you?

Have I become a window?