Story of Socks


At first I thought it was a joke, and then I think I went crazy. It was a casual Wednesday morning, the charm of annoyance ruined my slumber at exactly 5:59, just like every morning. And just like every morning, I tried to remind myself to change my alarm to 6:00, because 5:59 just doesn’t make sense, but of course, I forgot. But I wouldn’t say it was easy to forget what happened next. My mindless body went on autopilot to dress myself; jeans stolen from my sister’s room and whatever hoodie I could reach first. Before heading downstairs to retrieve a makeshift breakfast, I opened my sock drawer only to be confused by my eyes. Maybe it was because I had just woken up, and I had to hit my head a few times to make it function, but my socks were gone. Not one or two pairs, all 18 pairs of my socks plus some strays. Gone. Where did my socks go?

Following the steps one would take to get their laundry, I head over to the dryer. By this point I was frustrated. I was looking straight down while thinking ‘Where did my socks go? They aren’t in the dryer, they are gone. I’m not ready for school, and I have to go any minute now.’ Even then, I noticed the dryer even had a broken piece in the back. I created a mental note to get the dryer fixed. I was already long late to school, and couldn’t stand an argument with my parents about how I broke the dryer (again). Picking at the broken piece in the back, I noticed it was much worse than I thought. ‘There’s a gaping hole in the dryer, parents are mad, I’m going to be late for school, where are my socks, I don’t even know if there’s gas in the car-’. I was spiraling in my thoughts when I started spiraling down a gaping hole in the dryer. I just got sucked into my dryer, like some Alice in Wonderland story. But rather than landing softly on my feet, I landed on a bunch of white and scratchy fabrics. My socks. I landed on my socks. I fell down a hole and landed on my socks. I got sucked in my dryer and fell down a hole and landed on my socks. The only thought going through my head at this time was “Oh, so that’s where my socks went.”



Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash