Rihanna Super Bowl Halftime Show Review


Alright fam. It’s Ally and Kaileigh here. The Super Bowl just happened and did we watch the game? No. Did we watch the halftime show? Absolutely. Fun fact: 118.7 million people watched the halftime show and only 113 million people watched the game in its entirety. We don’t blame those who only viewed the halftime time show (mainly because we are those people). Maybe we were there for parts of the game, but we only brought our eyes up from our phones for Rihanna. 

Let’s cut to the chase. We give Rihanna’s performance an 8.7/10. She was flying in the air on a shaky platform while only being hooked in by a harness around her waist. She was giving vocals, she hasn’t performed in six years, she had great backup dancers, and through all of this, she announced her pregnancy. Because she is pregnant, her dancing was minorly lackluster. We think a guest performer would’ve enhanced the performance. Overall, she still did amazing because she is literally Rihanna. Also we know y’all saw her peep Fenty beauty mid performance. 

Photo by Luigi Estuye, LUCREATIVE® on Unsplash