A Road To The Unknown – A Poem


We walk a long, strange, and windy road 

To a place unknown.

The dewy rain falls as we move.

We hear the faint croak of a lonely toad 


This relentless path never appears to end

You and I walk through dim forests of fragrant trees and pass through deserts without any bees as we cross the bend 


This trail holds an unshakable feeling of home 

You and I… together without a worry in the world 

We pass a jolly gnome 


The thick rain soon transforms into delicate snow 

How long have we been on this trek?

Will we ever know?


We come upon a yellow-lit town 

The homes are decorated in green 

Every house is adorned in brown


The trail leads us through this place  

People are playing games and singing happy songs with much grace 


Though it’s cold, we feel warm 

I look at you… there is a smile on your face 

This feels nothing like a winters storm 


We continue to tread this hollow trail… we are met with rain once more 

For now, we are near a beach 

We dip our feet in the frosty shore 


The full moon is now beaming bright 

The water is lit just like the brightest light 


I look over at you 

Our hands brush one another only for a moment or two 


The trail leads us along 

Through foggy meadows where crickets sing their melodious song 


Our hands continue to brush 

Through the corner of my eye, I see you blush 


The road is growing older now 


I walk between the cracks in the ground 


The moon has stopped its glorious glow

There is not even a drop of rain or a flake of cold winters snow 


The cracks grow thicker in the grey pavement 


We continue on our journey


But our hands are no longer brushing 

And I can’t seem to see you blushing 


We walk for another mile or two 

Then, I look to my left… and I am met with the ghost of you 


This world I am in is not the same.

There is not a toad in sight 

No gnome that roams 

Not even a yellow-lit town with children playing their silly game 


It seems I have reached the end of this dreadful road 

Only, you are not here with me.

Where had you slowed?



Photo by Geranimo on Unsplash