‘my room’ poem


Viktoria Nasto (she/they), Writer

my room


It all happened in my room. 

I remember the same night it 

Happened. It’s been 

660 days since then and I keep 

Getting reminded. It’s been so long. 

It all happened in my room. No where else. 


Countless hours spent in my room when I could’ve 

Been doing something else. Spent on learning 

Another language when I should’ve been 

Studying the one I already knew. 

Spent on building for you while 

Damaging someone else. 

Spent on dismissing what I valued so I could 

Only value you. 

Spent on staying with you. 

Only. You.


660 days ago. 

Nothing happened anymore. 

You were there, but I couldn’t see you. 

You were speaking, but I couldn’t hear you. 

You were yelling, but not so I could hear you. 

It all went quiet. 

You were gone, but never left. 


This all happened in my room. Never outside it. 

It all still reminds me of you. 

My LED lights, my lamp, my desk, my bed, my room. 

It all holds you. You’re always here, in my room. 

It’s not my room anymore-

It’s yours.