Myth: Zanulla


A water planet, that we now know as Earth, was controlled by a nameless god. Gods and goddesses from different universes come to this water planet delivering large masses of land. Some gods came and took over seas in Earth’s ocean. The nameless god felt too stressed taking care of his planet and told the gods and goddesses that they could take control over desired regions. This worked smoothly with everyone. Gods and goddesses control the lands and the seas of the earth. The gods and goddesses of the ocean are Okaiah the Goddess of the Atlantic, Lumious the God of the Pacific, Selari the Goddess of the Indian, and Polaris the God of the Arctic. They all take over the waters surrounding the main continents, which gods and goddesses also control. There’s Arena the Goddess of South America, Venona the Goddess of Europe, and Omthos the God of Africa. But in our story today, they don’t show up much. This story involves Gogdros the God of Asia, and Khumus the God of North America. 

Gogdros is the oldest god on this planet. Just like the mountains that stretch over Asia, he’s very strong with defining muscles that create shadows with every feature. He’s not the smartest of the gods but he’s definitely the most aggressive. He has a quick hot temper that intimidates other gods. But not Khumus. Khumus has the hair of a lion, long, untamed, and bright ginger. He’s a lanky, tall male with insanely long legs. Unlike Gogdros, Khumus is the youngest god to have joined the planet. Though he’s young, he is very smart with people. Khumus can get a lot out of people just by manipulating their thoughts. These two gods haven’t had much interaction, but when it does happen, it gets very intense. Lots of arguments and sometimes fights, and Khumus always finds a way to beat him every time by outsmarting him. This time it was somewhat different. 

As time passes, pieces of land from Asia and North America start breaking off the island and start floating to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Both Gogdros and Khumus noticed this but never thought anything of it. Lumious the God of the Pacific also saw these land masses in his ocean. He didn’t want them sinking to the bottom so he let them float over the top of the water. 

More time passes and Arena the Goddess of South America notices a small island in the middle of Lumious’s ocean. Curious, she asks him, “Hey, who’s the new god?” 

Confused, Lumious says, “What do you mean ‘new god’?” 

“The island in the middle of your ocean? Who does that belong to?” Arena says. 

“Oh, those? I guess either Gogdros or Khumus. It’s just pieces of their land.”

“Well don’t they have to claim it? They better soon before another god comes around and does it before them. We already have too many.” Arena says. Lumious agrees with her and heads over to Khumus, explaining to him the situation. Khumus called over Gogdros to process the information about the island together. After some time of explaining, both Khumus and Gogdros finally got it, “So there’s an island built up of both of our lands, and one of us needs to claim it?” Gogdros confirms. 

“Yes, exactly.”

“Simple, I’ll have the island,” Gogdros says. “Who does this guy think he is? He can’t just claim the island like that without conversating” thought Khumus. 

“What makes you think that you should get it? If anything I should have it” Khumus said angrily. 

“Excuse me I am the oldest god on this planet that should say enough.”

“You already have so much land you shouldn’t want anymore never mind need anymore” Khumus argued. Gogdros rolled his eyes, looked around, and noticed that Lumious was gone. 

“Hey woah since it’s in Lumious’s ocean, he should pick not us,” Gogdros brings up. 

“Finally something you say makes sense for once,” Khumus says, “Let’s just make him choose.” Both together, they found Lumious and explained to him their idea. 

“The island is on your ocean, so you should be able to decide who deserves the island, either me or Gogdros,” Khumus says. Gogdros nods. 

“Hey, this is between you two. This island was made from your land, not mine, so leave me out of it” Lumious leaves. This left Khumus and Gogdros very upset. They spent the rest of the night arguing and fighting over this land. Constant bickering led them nowhere in figuring out who deserved the island. The next morning, they both went to the island themselves to see it in person, in hopes it would help the process move along quicker. While on the island, Gogdros doesn’t feel very well in his stomach and asks Khumus, 

“Is it just me or is your stomach rumbling too?” 

“No. Maybe you’re just getting nervous that I’m getting the island and you’re not” he shoots back. But no longer than 10 seconds later, Khumus feels it too. They realize the whole island is shaking like an earthquake. The arguments between Khumus and Gogdros have resulted in a mountain erupting out of the ground launching rocks everywhere, tearing the ground apart. But at the top of this mountain left an opening as if something was about to come flying out.

“What is going on?!” screams Gogdros. 

“It’s a volcano! Move out of the way!” Khumus responds. As they start running away, lava starts pouring out the top of the volcano in large waves down the side of the ground, hardening into molten lava rocks. Thinking it was done, the island starts to shake even more than before, resulting in a massive eruption from the volcano. A goddess has erupted from the volcano. She had long, thick brunette hair that had waves like the ocean with bright blue eyes that matched the tropical color of the sea waters. She had vibrant freckles that outlined all her best features. She was tall and stood strong with confidence as if nothing could break her down. She looked over at Gogdros and Khumus with a deadly stare. Though confused and intimidated, both Gogdros and Khumus want to confront this beautiful goddess.
“Let me do the talking,” Gogdros says to Khumus. 

“Yeah, no way. This needs to be done quickly and well and frankly, you’ll mess that up. Just be quiet.” Khumus orders. 

“Hi we are the gods of some of the land here on this planet, I’m Khumus and this is Gogdros,” Khumus introduces.  

“Well, I’m Zanulla the Goddess of Lava. It’s great to meet you both but what is going on?” she asks. 

“Me and Gogdros both own land on this planet, and pieces of our islands broke off into this island that we are standing on. And now the island needs to be in possession of either me or him” he explains. Both Gogdros and Khumus make their case as to why each of them should have the island, hoping she would choose for them. Gogdros presented his story with a lot of short and bold sentences, making it very aggressive and quite scary. Khumus on the other hand, took forever to tell his story. He made sure to put a lot of emotion in his story in an attempt to guilt her into picking for him. She fully listened to all the stories and finally got the chance to speak. 

“Well, frankly, I really don’t like either of your arguments. Since I’m new to this planet, I’ll be keeping the island to myself. Both of you have large masses of land and shouldn’t need any more,” Zanulla states and forces both Khumus and Gogdros off the island. Shocked, Khumus and Gogdros leave back to their continents with no island. Zanulla became one of the goddesses on the island permanently and never spoke to Gogdros and Khumus again. This is the story of how Hawaii is created.


Photo by NASA on Unsplash