Poem – “revolution”


my name is revolution

i am as old as the earth, the sky, the water

i am woven in the roots of the world

in the stars, the plants, the animals

i am undefined.


i am thought of as violent and big

and i am.

i am a protest, a riot, a march, a strike

i am a brick thrown, a molotov cocktail, an empowering speech

i am loud and unapologetic.


less acknowledged is my silence.

my quiet presence in the threads of monotony.

i am not just anger, but i am joy

i am love, i am existence, i am truth 

i am found in the streams of the mind

i am small and unnoticed.


i get stronger with every passing day

every word, thought, action

i am unrestricted and free flowing

i am growing, growing, growing and will never stop.


there is no timeline on my existence

forever i will be woven into the earth

i may be quieter some days

but i will never disappear.


i am revolution.





Photo by BP Miller on Unsplash