Stream Poem

Stream Poem

Anna Synodinos (she/her), Writer

The stream is flowing

It flows,

And with it, Life moves

The water is rippling, the animals are awakening,

Giving homes to those living in the land

Spirits emerging through the ground, the rocks, the trees


The fish, birds, and the four-leggeds ones

Are growing, dancing, hiding 

Everything brims with Life


The stream is frozen

They fold their paws and wings and fins

As they yawn and return to places 



Right ahead a lone wolf makes its way across the frozen mirror 

Jumping across the looking glass of ice 

is a small toad darting back into its hole, a dark flash against the still 

The serenity is shattered by a baby fox darting across the frost

Silence is held but the earth is waiting, watching

Dashing across the arctic stream, the shadow of a bobcat races to get back to its cubs

Quick quick quick 

Until all is undisturbed again 


The stream is alive

Through the water and the dirt

Into the night and throughout the day 

The stream gives a home to all of Life 


As seasons pass, and Life grows 

I am still here

To watch it all