Should… Be Illegal?


Well, many people make the argument that things should be banned because they don’t like them. For example, drugs, abortions, guns, etc. All very controversial issues, I might add. Well, in the grand scheme of things, your opinions don’t play as big of a role in the legal system as they should… the opinions of the elite do.

What happens if there’s a ban on drugs–all drugs? People will go and get them, will they not? People who want drugs will find a way to get them at the end of story. Just as anyone would find a way to get something they really wanted, so will people who want drugs. However, if drugs are not available legally, people will go find them illegally. Obviously, illegal activity is dangerous. Drugs off the streets are prone to be more dangerous because of their mysterious ingredients.

What happens if there’s a ban on abortions. Women will have to find a way to get an abortion if they are in need, of course. Will it be legal or safe? Most likely not. So what does banning abortion do? 

What happens if there’s a ban on guns? Once again, people will find an illegal way to obtain guns. Guns are dangerous enough themselves. To obtain them illegally would create a more dangerous atmosphere than necessary. 

Now, a common theme here is illegal activity leading to danger. Banning anything in totality cannot work. The government must make laws and protocols that find a happy medium: not too extreme where everyone has the freedom to do whatever they want but not complete restraint over people’s lives. So to answer the question, it isn’t a yes or no because neither would be safe nor work. The people in power must make decisions based on the safety of society and not their own opinions on certain controversial concepts. 

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash