Book review blurbs for ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ from Ms. Sigismondi’s section of The List: New York Times Best Sellers


“An enticing rollercoaster with characters that you will love and hate.” — Joel Agyemang
“I have never been so attached to a book like I was for Crawdads in a long time.” — Edward Balian
“A girl who has been solitary her whole life turns to literature and nature as a way out of the dark times.” — Chichi Bangandozou
“An astounding book that pulls you in, shows outstanding character growth, and creates a mystery that isn’t as simple as it looks.” — Yasha Barshteyn
“A murder mystery mixed with romance…A book you can’t put down!” — Anne Conners
“Who would’ve known the former little innocent abandoned girl would be stuck in the middle of a murder mystery?” — Melina Hadad
“The beautiful recollection of nature from Delia Owens through Kya’s eyes was astonishing with an interesting twist of a murder mystery and young love.” — Caleb Jenkins
“A novel that keeps you on your toes and ends with a bang.” — Anna Madonia
“Where the Crawdads Sing is inspired by nature and the beauty that Kya incorporates to fulfill her unexpected life.” — Alec Maher
“A must read. Where the Crawdads Sing takes you on an epic and thrilling journey of one girl’s nature-filled adventure in the marsh.” — Ryan McAllister
“A beautiful romance novel turned murder mystery…Did they kill for love?” — Elena Papula
“A flourishing and vibrant escape from the grey-scale of society today.” — Aiden Powers
“The nature shown within the novel I thought was the best part of reading this, as we get to witness how much of an effect it has on Kya’s life and how much it could affect us if we could just step away from technology…” — Alan Rivera-Lopez
“Crawdads tells a captivating and timeless story that is nothing like any novel I’ve read before… It is a must read for anyone who’s able to read a book!” — Brent Stefani
“Outstanding. This book will make you cry at 2am and you will not be able to put it down.” — Anna Synodinos
“A compelling coming-of-age story of a marsh girl who encounters loss, love, and a murder case.” — Ryan Thai-Do
“A brilliant and rather astonishing story filled with such raw and genuine emotion…So pure yet so heart-wrenching.” — Justyn Torres

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