“Teach Wondering” – A Poem by Ava Chase


“Teaching Wonder” by Ava Chase

I learned that following the finest beaten path, compressed and dented by centuries of travel, marked my intelligence.

Understanding what was understood before me made me smart,

And having an endless supply of answers, with no room for questions

labeled me an ideal student.


But, my mind is colorful

And it’s not linear. 

And with this gift, and only with this gift, 

I explore complexities that

Entangle themselves within seemingly inconsequential concepts

Those damned complexities, feigning clarity!


Now, I could not! possibly! diverge 

From the overgrown;

The ferns, scratching my ankles

Just begging–nay, yearning–to be examined.

Silently greeting me with questions about

How they got there

And why nobody has ever whispered to them before


I believe they will accept my response, 

punctuated with a question mark.


I find discomfort in the acceptance of a line

That chooses to delineate the shortest distance from A to B.

Why should we not question such methods?


I toss my mind at the limitless possibilities

And catch it in my Inquiry Dreams,

where I audaciously stare at all the curiosity the world holds

Instead of shutting my eyes on an unfulfilling day, 

compact with stern answers.


I want to be asked endless questions 

And return,

Fists and pockets and shoes full of more queries.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash