“Letting Go” – A Pastiche of Shylock’s Monologue


We stood atop the tallest building, a pit of my worst fears waiting below. You asked me to jump, claiming it’d be worth it.  I may have hesitated but in the end I dove. Headfirst. Into what I believed to be a miracle. Into what I believed was good for me. Into what I believed was the calm after the storm. Into what I’ve dreamed of since I had the ability to dream.  Into what I believed could only be stopped by divine intervention. Into false hope. We had almost reached the bottom, but you let go. How many stars fill the night sky? The answer is unknown. No matter how long you continue to count, you’ll never count them all. No matter how long I wonder what could’ve made this happen, I can’t quite figure it out. You’re keeping something from me. Somewhere there’s a strategically placed lie to cover up your act. No different than everything you swore you’d be different from. I do not expect nor desire an apology. I just wish I had done things differently. Part of me believes it was my fault. Or perhaps it was inevitable. Regardless, in the short span of time our paths intertwined there was excitement, happiness, enjoyment, laughter,so many countless emotions that I wouldn’t even have a word to describe them all. By far the best thing I have experienced. As said by the wisest men, everything must come to an end. It was foolish to hope I caught an exception. No man is exempt to the laws of the universe. It was all a facade, a fairytale, fools gold. I thank you for what once was. What could’ve been, I am unsure of.  However there is one thing I do know. Three words I never said. And never shall.

Photo by Max Muselmann on Unsplash