“This Is My Brain In Love” – Book Review


Frame of Mind has created a collection of book and TV show reviews to highlight positive mental health representation in media. Some of the books/shows do contain subject matter that may be difficult or triggering- we’ve done our best to note this in content warnings at the top of each review, but don’t hesitate to reach out with specific concerns. If you have questions about a book or show, feel free to ask the reviewer, and we hope you enjoy the reviews- make sure you check out all 5!

CW: Depictions of suicidal thoughts and mentions of an eating disorder

This Is My Brain In Love by I.W. Gregorio tells the story of Jocelyn, who’s desperately trying to save her family’s restaurant, and Will, who’s just looking for a summer job. When Jocelyn hires Will to help at the restaurant, both of their plans end up taking some surprising twists and turns. The two characters alternate narrating their time together as they take on the challenges of the struggling restaurant, strict parents, therapy, family responsibilities, mental health stigma, and their own developing relationship. Will’s anxiety and Jocelyns’s depression are a constant presence without being the whole story—their struggles with mental illness aren’t sensationalized for drama, but they aren’t magically solved overnight either. This novel also does an excellent job of including characters who are diverse in many ways. Jocelyn’s family is Chinese-American, Will’s mother is a Nigerian immigrant, and there are many other BIPOC supporting characters. It might not have the most original plot, but the perspective the book provides on mental illness more than makes up for this (and the characters are super loveable!). If you’re a fan of the classic YA romance novel, I would absolutely recommend This Is My Brain in Love!

Photo by Blaz Photo on Unsplash