“Traveling Through the Seasons” – An Award-Winning Poem by Elsa Zhang


Zhihan (Elsa) Zhang’s poem “Traveling Through the Seasons” was recently accepted to be published in the book “A Celebration of Poets” by Creative Communication. This publication “brings together the best student authors in the United States” and is recognized as “an honor, as most students are not invited to be published”. Unleashed is extremely proud and grateful that Elsa chose to share her special poem with the Bancroft community!


Clouds scud across,

While leaf buds break through frost.

No need to worry,

As you are a brand new self.

The dawn lights interlace,

The bell rings in the life.


Clouds scud across,

With tender leaves’ gloss.

We step into the new age,

And come to the fore.

Wrestle with the darkness,

Like we never lost before.


Clouds scud across,

The leaves fallen and lost.

Singing among the reeds,

Taken by the breeze.

After all, we can’t take the sweetest thing along.


Clouds scud across,

Time covered with moss.

Until the old and clumsy days arrive,

Look back, the memory of the glorious times arise.

Photo by zero take on Unsplash