A BIG Thank You to Rosend…and a Welcome to Isabel!


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Goodbye and Good Luck. Vector hand drawn illustration.

Mrs. Fortier, Faculty Advisor

Rosend, you joined Unleashed as a rising junior having never attended a meeting or written a piece!! AND YET, in your two year tenure as an Editor, you have added so, so much. You exuded energy and excitement during our Editors’ sessions, club meetings — and even through your email greetings: “Hello, Beautiful People!” Your kindness and inclusiveness permeated each gathering as you allowed room for all ideas and consistently considered others’ reactions and thoughts. We will miss your upbeat articles in your distinct, positive voice. BEST OF LUCK next year!!!

     – In gratitude, Mrs. Fortier

Welcome to our newest addition, Junior Editor Isabel!! We look forward to teaching you the ropes as you add your good ideas, sound voice and solid writing to Unleashed!! Winston is psyched to make a new friend…