Thank You to the Bancroft Staff


Bancroft Community

Dear Bancroft cleaning and maintenance friends, 

The Bancroft community values all you do more than you know. From your friendly smiles to your dedication to keep this school physically running, Bancroft couldn’t carry on in its truest form without you. 

Thank you for keeping our school tidy! 

Thank you for fixing anything that’s broken! 

Thank you for restocking everything! 

Thank you for making sure all teachers have what they need in order to run their classes safely in this pandemic! 

Thank you for all your hard work!

The students and teachers of the Bancroft community appreciate you. We love seeing you around campus. Your waves and bright smiles under your masks easily make people’s day. So, once again, thank you for everything because we wouldn’t be Bancroft without you!


The Bancroft Community 🙂