Fall is the Best Season

Fall is the Best Season

Gus Van Buren, Writer

Here’s why fall is the best season.

I’ll start with what’s obvious: the weather. Fall temperature is moderate and cool, so you won’t freeze into a solid block, and you won’t melt on black asphalt. It’s similar to spring in the sense that (in New England at least); you won’t experience extreme temperatures, but it’s even better than spring because fall tends to be a little on the dry side rather than the humid side, and rainstorms also aren’t as common. Even if you don’t like it cold, you have to admit that getting cool in summer doesn’t feel nearly as nice as getting warm in autumn.

Secondly, also obvious: the leaves. Nothing compares to waking up on a cool fall morning, looking out the window, and seeing rows and rows of green, yellow, orange, red, even combinations of all four on a single tree. This might not seem like much, but taking a relaxing walk through the woods in fall is unlike anything else — certainly unlike struggling to drag yourself through 3 and a half feet of snow (thank you, Massachusetts weather). Living near the equator must be great, don’t get me wrong, but people down there will never feel nostalgic just hearing the crunch of a leaf or jumping into a pile of them after raking the yard. And who could forget the tradition of trying to catch a falling leaf before it hits the ground for good luck?

Third, Halloween. Come on, must I say more? Costumes, candy, parties, pumpkins, you really can’t go wrong with all that. Plus, Halloween encourages October to be a little spooky, so turn off the lights and settle in with a good horror movie or some “Stranger Things,” and you’ll be all set for the night.

Then there’s the little things, like the refreshing and crisp, almost smoky, smell in the air. Or gathering around the table with extended family for Thanksgiving. Or seeing your friends again after summer break. All these little details are where autumn’s charm comes from because you can’t get them any other time of year.

So, there you have why fall is the best season. No, it may not have the excitement of the car ride over to a day at the beach or the soothing sound of thousands of snowflakes hitting the ground all around you. It may not have the most holidays, or a three month long break from school. But it’s got just the right amount of perfect details to stand out as the best among the other three seasons. 

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