A Great Opportunity for Budding Poets!

A Great Opportunity for Budding Poets!

Ms. Sigismondi, Writer

Have you met Sam Rush?

If not, you’ll want to… and you just might be able to in April!

Sam Rush is an accomplished poet, educator, and longtime friend of Bancroft. They were a finalist in the 2016 National Poetry Slam, and their work has been featured in a number of publications including Muzzle, The Offing, Voicemail Poems, and The Journal as well as on the Button Poetry YouTube channel.  Originally from South Florida, Sam began writing poetry after they developed progressive hearing loss and “realized how many words each word could be.”

If Sam’s name or picture rings a bell, you might remember them from their many visits to Bancroft, especially to run workshops for the Young Writers Conference. Year after year, Sam is a crowd favorite among students, and they’re especially known for creating a warm and welcoming environment where all writers can feel seen and empowered. Take it from Ava Chase: “Sam Rush is extremely lovable! I have only ever heard good things about them, and all my memories with them are positive. They make sure that they create a comfortable atmosphere. I remember feeling like I had the freedom to share anything I had written or keep it all to myself. Sam was a pleasure to talk to and bounce ideas off of; I always felt inspired after talking with them!”


Are you interested in learning more about Sam and experiencing their work? Check out one of their most well-known spoken word poems, “Neverland”. Or, better yet, would you like the opportunity to work with them in a workshop setting? Then you’re in luck! Sam will be “visiting” Bancroft in April in honor of National Poetry Month. Keep your eye out for details to come!

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