2018-2019 Staff

Jada Garnett

I like to write without having to cite what I've written!


I've never seen a sloth, but I live with my brother


You might think the editors have control of this website. Think again. I run this place. You can catch me at various locations around the school advertising for this fine "student run" publication.

Anushka Toke

Hi, my name is Anushka and I am a junior. I love to travel, play tennis, read, listen to music, and watch movies in my free time. By the way, in this picture I crushed the water tank that I was sitting...

Claire Campbell

I'm Claire and my life consists of eating and dogs.

Fiona Healy

I am a Freshman, I love reading and writing, I do archery, I like writing poems, and my favorite color is purple. Also, I like taking photos of flowers and plants.

Anna Hayward

 I spend way too time on tiktok to be a functioning human.

Ayah Yusuf

If you’re wondering what she’s doing, don’t worry. She is too

Talya Jaber

Hi, I like to read and creatively write. I play the violin and the saxophone and I also like food

Gaia Knight

Running purely on caffeine and fun facts. If I'm not in class or the theatre, I'm probably not on campus.

Annabelle Huffman

I am Annabelle! This pic was taken in Vegas...and you know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...  JUST KIDDING (my Dad made me take this). As a native from Wormtown and the daughter of two “foodies”,...

Serey Kremer

Hi, I’m Serey NOT Siri. You can probably hear me from across the world!

Victoria Adusei

If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

Alice Knowlton

I am the longest standing member of Unleashed. In 2015, someone stole my chair.

Clare Shanahan

Probably snatching books and snapping photos

Emma Sullivan

Love sailing and baking gluten free cookies

Julianna Boyson

Hi I'm Julianna. I have an obsession with movies which I guess is a good thing because I can write reviews of them. Who knew?

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