2017-2018 Staff

Clare Shanahan

Probably snatching books and snapping photos

Mikaela Linder

  meme connoisseur

Emma Sullivan

Love sailing and baking gluten free cookies

Carmen Bebbington

An avid diver, runner, and writer - who loves to travel (in all my freetime!).

Angela Rusha

Likes: Drake, memes, Drake memes, coffee, chocolate, Harry Potter marathons, Bernie Sanders, dogs, reading and the ocean. Dislikes: Tea.

Lindsay Igoe

reader, writer, language-learner, coffee-drinker, dancer

Julianna Boyson

Hi I'm Julianna. I have an obsession with movies which I guess is a good thing because I can write reviews of them. Who knew?

Hannah Frieden

Hi, I am Hannah and I am a sophomore writer. I have 1 golden retriever, and I love dancing and science.

Rebecka Sokoloff

food enthusiast and animal lover

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