2016-2017 Staff

Emma Sullivan

Love sailing and baking gluten free cookies

Alice K.


Carmen Bebbington

An avid diver, runner, and writer - who loves to travel (in all my freetime!).

Angela Rusha

Likes: Drake, memes, Drake memes, coffee, chocolate, Harry Potter marathons, Bernie Sanders, dogs, reading and the ocean. Dislikes: Tea.

Caroline M.

I’ve always been indecisive, but now I’m not sure…

Tyler Papula

I am not very good with biographies. Instead, please look at my dog.

Kirsten D.

A simple theatre enthusiast.

Lindsay Igoe

reader, writer, language-learner, coffee-drinker, dancer

Julianna Boyson

Hi I'm Julianna. I have an obsession with movies which I guess is a good thing because I can write reviews of them. Who knew?

Hannah Frieden

Hi, I am Hannah and I am a sophomore writer. I have 1 golden retriever, and I love dancing and science.

Rebecka Sokoloff

food enthusiast and animal lover

Mikaela L.

avid flannel wearer, enjoys long walks on the beach, memes, and dogs

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