2014-2015 Staff

Carmen Bebbington

An avid diver, runner, and writer - who loves to travel (in all my freetime!).

Sander Depietri

Salutations! I am Sander, one of the editors-in-chief of Unleashed. You should probably know of my dedication to the states of my account ledgers and my intense interest in economics. In addition, I am an av...

Maggie Simon

Hi everyone! I’m Maggie, one of the editors-in-chief of Unleashed. If you don’t know anything about me, just know that I love cats! Feel free to take pictures of your cat and send them to me at msi...

Zehra Khan

I'm Zehra, one of the editors-in-chief of Unleashed, and I'm really excited to relaunch a student-run publication at Bancroft! It's essential that you know about my fascination with superheroes, my love fo...

Anwyn GD

dogs and the color blue.

Rachel W

My name is Rachel Walker, and I'm an editor and writer for Unleashed. My favorite book series is Colleen Houck's "Tiger's Curse" saga, and I adore the manga "Skip Beat." I also love watching Agents of Shiel...

Juliann D

I'm Juliann Duquette, a current senior, and a lover of all things horror except spiders. I also like volleyball, the internet, reading, and procrastinating. Food is also quite goodly. And I'm an editor.

George D

I'm here to write music reviews and drink milk.....and I just finished my milk.

Ali V

Hi I'm Ali! I love all kinds of writing, especially poetry. I also love to play volleyball, and I have a lot of pets including 3 cats, a dog, and 2 axolotls!

Delia M

Hello! My name is Delia Mara and I am one of the writers for Unleashed. When I'm not doing homework, I love to play sports or just listen to music while reading.

Carmen B

Hi! I'm a Sophomore here, who loves to travel, write, and hang out with friends.

Duru C

Hi, I am Duru and I am a freshman here and I am part of unleashed. I love playing tennis and have been playing for 8 years. In 8th grade, I was part of the Bancroft girl’s varsity team. I enjoy...

Allie R

Hi, my name is Allie and I am a current senior and restaurant reviewer for Unleashed. My favorite pastimes are playing field hockey, watching baseball, braiding my hair, and listening to any type of music...

Rhys E

Salutations! My name is Rhys Evans and I am an editor and writer for Unleashed. I love playing piano and soccer, I appreciate a fine hazelnut dark roast, I am an unabashed "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" aficionado,...

Katie E

Hey! I'm Katie, and I'm one of the editors of Unleashed. I'm a dog person, my favorite color is blue, and I play tennis. If you ever need someone to quote Harry Potter at you, find me.

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