An American Now?

Rhys E, Writer

October 15, 2014

It must have been twelve or something by the time I woke up and realized I was in Montana. I yawned so wide my mouth hurt. I hadn’t felt this tired since my first days in Brooklyn, crammed into the tiny apartment, listening...

Boys of Summer

Jordan P, Writer

October 15, 2014

The headline of the special late edition of the Latrobe Bulletin on the final night of the season read, "Post 515 Sits Atop Region 7 Standings." Finally, region champs. So that night Post 515 sat out on the hill out beyond the...

Death of A Diva

Jesse B, Writer

October 15, 2014

For most young children, the idea of having a small pet, such as a hamster, is the thrill of their short lifetime. What better gift for an eight year old girl than two of the cutest little teddy bear hamsters? No one could anticipate...

Little People

Samantha P, Writer

October 15, 2014

Little people know, The woman’s eyes flicked about the tattered leather long devoid of color, but nothing could rub out the etching of the boy in her mind. His carelessly cropped raven hair, compliant with every whim of the...

Fahrenheit 451: A Genre Rewrite

Juliann D, Writer

September 22, 2014

What if Clarisse thought the answer was to destroy all who destroyed, that the only way to preserve the past was to kill those fighting to cover it up? A narrative of the last moments of a killer of history, this short story sh...

Battle Scars

Rachel W, Writer

September 22, 2014

Winner, Robbins Creative Writing Award 2014 I must pay my dues. Wishing for nothing more than to kick off my grimy shoes and rinse the sweat from my body, I nevertheless turn and survey the scene. The fans whirr and rattle...

Remember Summer?

September 22, 2014

Juniors reflect on their summer months in original six word memoirs.

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