Did “The Conjuring” Really Happen?!?


Riley Bishop, Contributor

*Warning: Spoilers of “The Conjuring”*

It’s fall once again. A time for pumpkin carving, sweaters, and hot chocolate, and of course, horror movies. Fall is one of the most exhilarating seasons – I mean, nothing can be more exciting than a jump scare. People love being scared, usually when the scenario is far from reality – but what if it’s actually pretty similar to what really happened?

I conducted a poll to the Upper School students asking what their favorite movies were. Even though most people chose a movie that no one else chose, “Nemo,” for example (I will admit, the beginning is TERRIFYING), there were some movies that multiple people chose. The movies “The Conjuring” and “Us” were tied for most favorite, with “IT” and “The Shining” tied as close second favorite. Luckily for us, “Us” did not actually happen. Although “The Conjuring” didn’t “happen,” it was based on a true story. 

Here’s a brief recap of what happened in “The Conjuring” (the movie). The Perrons family moved into a house in Rhode Island. There are 5 daughters; the mom, Carolyn; and the dad, Roger. The family seemed to notice an evil spirit lurking in their house. The spirit would talk, grab them, and ultimately, torture them. The family, obviously concerned, contacted paranormal investigators who found out that the house was haunted by a witch named Bathshema. The evil spirit leads Cindy, one of the daughters, to a secret passage. Lourainne, the paranormal investigator, enters, falls through the floorboards, and finds a woman who Bathshema possessed. Soon after, Carolyn gets possessed by Bathshema. Ed, the other paranormal investigator, performs a exorcism on Carolyn. The exorcism was successful.

So – what actually happened? Bathshema is a real person. Was she a real witch? Theoretically, but either way she was real. She was married to a farmer and lived in a house in Rhode Island in 1812. They definitely had a kid named Herbert who lived until 3

7. It is rumored that they had four other children that didn’t live past the age of 7. It’s been said that Bathshema killed an infant by sticking a large sewing needle through the back of its skull as a sacrifice to the devil. Bathshema died of an unexplainable type of paralysis.



the Rhode Island house that “The Conjuring” was based on

There were families that lived there after, many of whom died in unnatural ways, such as suicides, drownings, murders, poisoning, and hangings. Over a century later, in 1970, the Perrons moved into the farmhouse in Rhode Island. There was Roger, Carolyn, and their 5 daughters — all of whom experienced paranormal activity in the home. 

For example, there would be unexplained noises made throughout the house. Roger would often smell rotten flesh. One of the younger daughters claimed that her toys would be under her bed when no one touched them and the oldest daughter claimed that the beds would even levitate from time to time.

Another time, one of the daughters, Cindy, was playing hide and seek with her sister, Nancy. Cindy hid in a wooden box with no latches or locks. After she got in, the wooden box shut on her. She tried to get out. She pushed, and screamed, but the box wouldn’t budge. It wasn’t until Nancy came over to open the box with ease that Cindy could escape.

The scariest and worst truth to it all is that Lourraine, who was a real paranormal investigator, performed a seance to try to contact the spirit. In doing so, Carolyn became possessed. Andrea secretly saw. She said, “My mother began to speak a language not of this world in a voice not her own. Her chair levitated, and was thrown across the room.”

the girl in the middle is a picture of Bathshema on the Rhode Island farmhouse 

Some people will probably be skeptical- “Bathshema was never a witch, things can’t levitate, evil spirits and ghosts aren’t real”- but under multiple accounts, these are true stories. I guess we’ll never know for sure…







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