Being New at the ‘Croft


Aiden Powers, Writer

Many of us will agree that 2020 has been one of the craziest years. Switching schools junior year was never my plan; in fact, I never really ever thought I would leave my old school. I chose to switch very last minute, right in the middle of August. Because I had the opportunity to get my education in person and rather than staying online, I made the switch. My biggest fear about coming to Bancroft was definitely fitting in and making new friends. I have been with the same group of people all my life so this was completely out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, in the time I have been here I have met such amazing people and had a great experience. I can’t thank the staff and the students enough for being so welcoming to me. Bancroft is so united even in times of such uncertainty like right now, which is a very comforting thing. I feel like I fit in here way more than where I have been in the past. Everyone that I have met here has been so friendly and kind to me. The staff here is amazing, and I can tell that they really care about all of us.

Having a change of perspective has been so beneficial to me, and it reminded me how many opportunities there are out there. Getting out of your comfort zone is scary, but I have learned that a change in perspective is really helpful in understanding your life. Bancroft has so many amazing classes, teachers, and resources that they offer. It has made learning enjoyable for me again, and has really turned my year around for the better. Now that I am here, I wish I had switched years ago.  Although this year has been very difficult and scary, I am happy it led me to Bancroft. I can’t wait to see what my future here holds!

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