Rosend Pena, Editor

As we all know, Spooky Season is here. With this season comes candy, ghosts, pumpkins, scary movies, cozy weather, but most importantly the treats!!!! Here are some of my favorite treats as we begin Spooky Season…

Spooky Ghost Strawberries

Before we begin, I want to acknowledge that making these strawberries took me years of training and preparing in the fine arts of culinary (and a lot of Gordon Ramsay and Tasty videos), so don’t feel down if they don’t come out perfectly the first couple times! Remember, the more you mess up, the more you get to eat after!

First, get melting chocolate pieces which are usually found near the produce in your local supermarket (try to find white melting chocolate, but normal will work as well). Then heat the chocolate up as you would like and place it on the strawberries. Then the magical part will start. Try and get edible googly eyes — my favorite is Wilton Candy Eyeballs — and place two of them on the strawberries. 

Then Guess What!!!!

You have a spooky ghost strawberry. You can eat them whatever way you want — cold, warm — and just enjoy!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Spooky Batssssss

With these, keep in mind that I can eat around four thousand so only make these if you want a small snack, or you wanna eat four thousand of them!

Get Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Oreos, and Candy eyeballs. Then cut the Oreo into a wing shaped piece, kind of like an equilateral triangle, and then you can use frosting to glue them on the Reese’s piece or you can dig the Oreo into the candy itself. Then place the google eyes in the middle.

Then Guess Whatttttt!!!!

You have spooky peanut butter bats flying around your house. Tricky part is trying to catch them but once you do, eat them till you pass out, or enjoy them as a nice light snack.


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