Tales From All The Comforts of Home Hospital-  Mini Edition 5*


Sarah Underkofler, Editor

If you missed part 4, click here!

*This story is a creative interpretation of all real events. Names and locations have been changed to maintain privacy.


1, 2, 3! As the number left my mouth, my hands artfully pushed Liz’s kneecap with a pop, back into its rightful place. Liz may have screamed again in my ear during this process (it’s still ringing a bit), but she said it was already beginning to feel a little better. After that, I called an ambulance and sent her on her way to the hospital. Yay! Major crisis averted! 

After that wonderful little event, I finished out my relaxing day at the beach. It. Was. Amazing. I forgot what it felt like to just sit and enjoy the happy vibes around me. To just sit and feel the warm rays of the sun on my back felt like heaven. It was long overdue, but I’m glad I finally was able to take a break even if it wasn’t going to be long-lasting. 

My day after that was pretty uneventful, which I am definitely not going to complain about. Especially after the beach incident, I was ready to go home and pass out. Maybe I would get a full night of sleep for once? Unheard of.

I woke up so energized. This was the most sleep I had had in MONTHS. I got 7 hours. 7 WHOLE HOURS. Insane, I know.

Halloween is approaching, and that means an influx in the not so smart people (the idiots, to say it nicely). I’m not sure if I’m ready to handle this one. I walk into the hospital a week before Halloween, only to hear:

“I NEED TRAUMA STAT. MICHELLE, GET IN THERE.” Uh oh. This should be interesting.


Stay tuned for the next issue of Unleashed to hear about this Halloween catastrophe.