Advice to Rising Seniors


Clare Shanahan, Editor

It’s hard to say what I wish I knew before senior year without resorting entirely to cliches that you’ve probably heard a million times. So, why fight it, right?
Specifically, there is one old cliche that I think could not be more applicable to what I wish I knew before senior year: it goes by fast so make the absolute most out of it. It sounds silly, but I feel like I was just spending my frees lying on the floor of the pit with my friends and now just like that I’m getting ready to move on from Bancroft. Because it goes by so fast, make sure to seize every opportunity in your senior year and think about doing what will make you feel happy, excited, accomplished, proud, or whatever it is that you’re hoping for. It is in every single way YOUR YEAR!

There is nothing I regret more than the times I didn’t do something or held myself back because I wasn’t sure what the results would be. My happiest memories from my entire time at Bancroft, but especially in my senior year, are the moments that I just did what I wanted to do and when I made spur of the moment decisions because I could. So join the club you always thought about going to, sign up for class competitions (maybe my favorite part of my senior year was when I finally realized I didn’t care how silly I looked and decided to bob for candy canes at winter class competitions), run for student council, go out for lunch or coffee or just to scream along to music in the car with your friends, be part of the lip-sync video and funny skits at assembly, sign up to give a speech at graduation, speak your mind, play World Cup, just go for it — leave senior year with as few regrets as you can! What makes senior year great are the little moments when you let yourself have fun.

Onto the more serious: the college process is not easy; I won’t lie. It’s stressful and there probably will be tears at one point or another. I just hope for your sake that they’re tears of joy. But the biggest thing I can tell you about it, is to not stress too much because whatever happens there is a place out there for you. Plus, you have so many tools at your disposal and people who want nothing more than to see you succeed, so use Mr. Townley, Mrs. Barra, your advisors, and your teachers. The Bancroft community is so incredibly special, and I know it sounds cliche, but I really miss seeing all of my favorite teachers and advisors every day, so don’t take them for granted either!

And finally, for the perfect triple threat of cliche but real advice, take the time to appreciate your classmates and friends because soon enough everything’s gonna change! You’re more ready for senior year than you think, and it will be over in the blink of an eye so make the most of it.

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