Can money buy you happiness?

Can money buy you happiness?

Jada Garnett, Editor

Many say flat out no, money cannot buy you happiness: material things cannot make you truly happy; true happiness comes from within. Now, there is some truth to this but this question can also be looked at from another standpoint. 

If someone says “money can buy me happiness,” people around them may think, “WHAT?! No way can they be truly happy swimming in their olympic size pool outside their million dollar mansion. They have to feel empty inside.” Um…well yes, in some cases people throw money at their problems and buy and buy until “they’re happy.” When people throw money at their problems, it may feel right to say to this: “money isn’t buying you happiness because your mindset is that things are going to be all better after you spend your money instead of fixing what’s going on within.”

However, there are some situations where money can actually make a person happy, long term or temporary. For example, a group of girls go to the mall and buy some new outfits. You know those new clothes are gonna bring those girls great joy because they have new clothes, whether it was just another thing to put in their closet or they needed those clothes to put on their backs. Another example is someone not being able to pay rent and finally getting a well paying job they can survive much better off of. This new job may set this person at ease because money won’t be such a worry anymore.

All in all, no, money cannot fix what’s truly going on inside if you choose not to deal with your problems and just throw money at them. However, there are those instances where you make a purchase that makes you super happy or more money may make your life easier and make you happy in the long run. Whatever the case may be, your life is yours to live and whatever makes you truly happy inside should be what you do, whether it involves money or not. 

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