Mr. Wertheim’s Parting Words

Mr. Wertheim's Parting Words

Mr. Wertheim, Faculty

As any faculty member will tell you, a teacher’s first year on the job is a whirlwind of new experiences, excitement, and (believe it or not) stress and anxiety. I was fortunate to be thrown right into that whirlwind here at Bancroft – as an advisor with Ms. Sigismondi, as the faculty advisor for Yearbook with Dr. Beauregard, and as an English teacher with all four Upper School grades rotating through my classroom.

While the English department isn’t exactly situated in the heart of downtown Bancroft, I found myself walking the hallways and stopping in at open doors every day – not because I was forcing myself to “be involved,” but because I was simply drawn into the vibrant, supportive, and compassionate community that every student, teacher, and administrator has helped create in this school. As I progress in my educational career, I am confident that I will return to the lessons I’ve learned in my classroom and in Bancroft’s hallways many times over the course of my career, and remember the fantastic students, colleagues, mentors, and friends who helped me learn them.

While I am sorry to leave, I also know that my time here has made me a better educator who is prepared to take his next step in the world of independent school teaching. Thank you all so much.”

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