Editor-in-Chief Graduates

Editor-in-Chief Graduates

Mrs. Fortier, Advisor

Creative. Opinionated (in a good way!). Organized. Positive. Reflective.

These are just a few words to describe our graduating Editor, Clare Shanahan. For two years Clare has been part of a team of Editors running Unleashed, leading as Editor-in-Chief this year while bringing two new Editors up to speed.

While she balanced organizing issues — 7 in total this year!! — Clare kept the mood light, the myriad details in sight and her voice front and center writing with might. (See what I did there?! I can hear Clare groaning…)

We will miss her leadership and sound opinions, her late night texts and technical prowess and, most of all, I will miss her classroom pop-ins, partnership and great sense of humor. 

As you head off to college, Clare, know that you’ve left Unleashed better off than you found it.

Congrats on a job well done!!


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