What can we be grateful for during this time of chaos?


Riley Bishop, Contributer

Friends and Family:

  • Reaching out to friends that you wouldn’t normally talk to (online)
  • Spending time with family
  • Reaching out to family members
  • Pets are happier that their owners can stay home

Cars and roads:

  • The government can work on roads more easily
  • Less car accidents/less plane crashes
  • Don’t have to pay for gas as often
  • Break from driving
  • Don’t have to deal with traffic jams

Free time:

  • Having the opportunity to do hobbies
  • Having time to exercise 
  • More downtime
  • Dress however you want

International development:

  • Countries are empathizing with one another
  • We can take advantage of technology
  • Less interference with wildlife
  • Showing gratitude to doctors and nurses that don’t get the reminder as often as they should
  • Making backup plans we didn’t realize we had
  • Being in a progressive state
  • Putting small problems in perspective
  • Being aware of hygiene on a national level
  • Pollution has gone down

Social distancing:

  • Tests anxiety
  • People with social anxiety have a break
  • Introverts have their opportunity to be introverted
  • No bullying in schools
  • Not eating out saves money
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