“I believe…” Statements

I believe... Statements

Anonymous , Contributor

Juniors in an English class were asked to create a series of “I believe” statements — here are some that they shared!

I believe that new socks bring a joy that only a mothers hug can top

I believe that racism is a powerful narcotic with mind-altering effects.

I believe that there is no purer love than that of a parents

I believe that the most annoying love is that of a parents

I believe that confirmation should be a choice. No. I believe that religion should be a choice, not a sharp knife that threatens to kill you if you question it.

I believe that one point of view is the wrong point of view

I believe in the bench player waiting for his moment to shine.

I believe that the sunsets take with them all the burdens of today and transform them into the opportunities of tomorrow.

I believe that karma will always find its verdict

I believe that every person has the right to know the Krabby Patty secret formula.

I believe that “going swimming” means getting your hair wet.

I believe that pancakes are meant to be filled with chocolate chips.

I believe that music is best listened to at dusk on a summer night.

I believe that sinking the frisbee in Can Jam is worth five points, not three.

I believe that choosing kind is the only option

I believe that asking how someone is doing on the inside–no matter how well you may know them–saves lives.

I believe in second chances.

I believe that success does not come without sacrifice.

I believe that mental illness should be taken as seriously as cancer.

I believe that a legislature full of men should not be allowed to create laws dictating the rights women have over their bodies.

i believe that spontaneous, bad ideas make the best memories

i believe that nothing beats breakfast at a cheap diner

i believe in those who don’t take themselves too seriously

i believe that nothing is more freeing than walking through the alpine

i believe in failure

i believe that thinking you may die makes you truly appreciate life

i believe that coffee should be drunk black

i believe in laughing off the pain

i believe that a car radio should be turned up until the speakers rattle

i believe in the adventurous feeling sparked by late summer nights with good friends

I believe that rainy days are the best days

I believe that Sunday mornings are made for sleeping in and homemade pancakes

I believe that family—the one you’re born with and the one you find along the way—is the most important thing in life

I believe in hand-written everything

I believe there’s nothing wrong with going out for ice cream at 10 p.m. in the middle of winter

I believe in the value of doing things that scare you

I believe in listening to one song on repeat for a week because music knows how to express the things we don’t have words for

I believe the best shoes are worn out

I believe that the stars and sea air are the best way to reset

I believe in saying “I love you” without saying anything at all

I believe that there is nothing better than sitting on a green grass field, gazing at the blood red sun and scattered purple clouds in front of you.

I believe that staying in one place kills your soul.

I believe in reading to escape the world.

I believe that Grey’s Anatomy should have ended in Season 12.

I believe children tell the most insightful stories.

I believe in sore limbs and heavy breathing and pushing yourself and never stopping until you either win or break.

I believe that people do not fundamentally change.

I believe that a person only excludes others so that they can feel less alone.

I believe Corner Grille has the best pizza in Worcester.

I believe people grow to love each other through every cup of coffee and every clasped hand and every laugh and every tear and every curve and every thought and every comfort and every memory.

I believe any one or any team can win on any given day

I believe whether one grows up in wealth or poverty– they both can live a happy life

I believe that someone’s fashion is a reflection of their confidence and personality

I believe immigrants make the US so special

I believe that a British accent makes someone exponentially funnier

I believe that a hard-earned B is more rewarding than an easy A

I believe the interview should be the most vital aspect of the college application process

I believe that food tells a country’s story

I believe that when a day starts off boring, it is bound to end well

I believe that a vacation loses its touch after a week

I believe– I believe in humanity.

I believe in the things that make up humanity.

I believe there’s nothing more human than sitting around the table with your family.

I believe that there are always more seats at the table than there are chairs.

I believe in buying your friends Starbucks before a long day.

I believe that strangers and friends should be asked if they are okay if they don’t look happy.

I believe they should be listened to.

I believe in two sides of every story.

I believe that a good argument educates both parties.

I believe — that family, friends, and strangers can all love, argue, and listen to each other–in humanity.

I believe in Freud’s psychology: that life begins on a clouded mountain top, and purpose is discovering the view, and success is to build skis and enjoy it

I believe in fresh air

I believe in deep, soulful connections

I believe that there is nothing stronger than a mother’s love

I believe that prosperity is measured in joy

I believe feelings should be felt in the form of vibes

I believe in my stuffed bear named Morris

I believe that nothing is more satisfying than trying a new food and loving it

I believe in loyalty and that no man should be left behind

I believe in putting yourself first, because your first and last companion was and is you