Can a Person Change Once They’ve Done Something Bad?

Can a Person Change Once They’ve Done Something Bad?

Jada Garnett, Editor

There are many people who do bad deeds and, after, are branded as bad people. Now there are situations where people are justifiably branded as bad people, such as high acts of criminal activity. Although, even so, that’s a personal judgment call. However, what about the bad deeds on smaller scales?

After someone has done something bad, it is not fair to brand them as a bad person if they are willing to change. Everybody makes mistakes and can bounce back from their bad deeds. Once someone has done something bad, they should, if possible, be given another chance to do good. Why would someone deprive another person of the chance to change if they are willing to? 

Of course, there are many instances where people are just not capable or not willing to allow someone to change and do better because of the impact they’ve had on them. However, how will you know if someone is really capable of changing when they are never given the chance to show you? Maybe, it is a good idea, if the circumstance calls for it in your opinion, to allow yourself to give the person who did something bad another chance. It may be in your best interest to let them show you they can do better.

If a person is willing and able, they can change. If they have done a bad deed, if they have the drive and the will to change, they should at least be given the chance to show you.

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