“Moonlight Still Shines Through Closed Windows”

Moonlight Still Shines Through Closed Windows

Riley Bishop, Contributor

Riley Bishop recieved an Honorable Mention for her poem “Moonlight Still Shines Through Closed Windows”


You are a rose flower

You grow stronger and stronger

And although you’ve been delicate

You have thorns that cut

although you don’t make sense of it

these thorns make you tough

You’re a rose flower, you’re surrounded by death

You’re a rose flower, people use you

You’re a rose flower, when people see you 

they stop to continue staring

A vibrant red, bold and daring

A delicate plant people tend to be caring-

For because you’re dependent

You always tend to rely-

On other people, actually, I can deny-

That that’s ever the case

I actually think you’re independent

You live on your own moment by moment

On your own you can survive

On your own you do just fine

So no you actually aren’t a rose flower

Roses shrivel up and die within a few days

You can outlast a flower because you’re stronger

I think that you’re actually fire

Fire can live on forever

And like fire you’re misunderstood

Fire is considered a danger

Because their crazy flames travel every which way

You can be sporadic but you can also be tame

And like fire you die-out

And give up on life for a while

But you always come back, always persevere

And although you don’t want to you’re always here

Wait no not fire because you can be cold

Yes only towards yourself but it still needs to be told

But you’re still bright and beautiful

what about sunlight?

Not really because on sunny days 

everything seems right

But in your case nothing ever

Seems to go your way

It’s like a constant darkness

that always controls your days

But if it’s only darkness it’s not really days

It’s probably more like night

Oh I know! I finally got it!

You’re the moonlight.


Moonlight still shines through closed windows

You can shine just as bright as me

So when you’re feeling all alone

All you need to know

Is moonlight still shines through closed windows

Moonlight still shines through closed windows

I think you need to know that you’re my hero

So don’t be down

Come on now, feel proud

You might not see the light

Even if others do

Moonlight still shines through closed windows

You might think you are nothing like those

You are the moonlight

You shine throughout the darkest nights

And I would not make it through

Without you

You are the moonlight

You are able to fight

Through any given obstacle

Thrown at you

I didn’t think that something could shine 

through a solid piece of matter 

Millions of miles away 

but it does omit


You say you don’t have an effect on me 

when you say you’re not fine

I’m annoyed with myself and sigh  

I realized that I blew it

I could’ve been there for you

I should’ve been there for you

And I would’ve been there for you

If only you’d let me through

But you lock me out

You block me out

I knock on your door hoping to reduce your doubts

About yourself

But then you say ‘farewell’

And I hate myself

I don’t know how to help

Every time I try it’s wrong

I never know what’s going on

am I the one that causes your sorrow?

The obstacle in your way, am I the window?

I never meant to make you sad

I know I do sometimes, and that’s my bad

But I truly do want to help you

And to do so I’ll try being happier too

I just want to reach out my hand

And let you hold on for as long as you can

Because then you’ll be protected

From your self-doubt and bitter hatred

I don’t know how to force you to believe

that you truly mean the world to me

I don’t know how to tell you you’re beautiful 

and have you magically believe me

You’re so strong and powerful

 But I know you’d disagree

And I know you’re completely capable 

To see what I see

But you refuse

You’ve been abused

You say your family hates you

But how can this be true

When they have a daughter

Who’s as beautiful as you?

But you don’t see your beauty

Why do you put this upon yourself

And why do you refuse to get help

You have a way through struggling internally

Even if you can’t see it there’s a path for you

You help me find my way too

You always make me better

You always make me smile

And you do make me happy

For quite a while

Without you there would be no light

Without you my life wouldn’t be right

And I wouldn’t want you to be any other way

Other than for you to be okay

Because you deserve it my sweet angel

Look I’ll try to make this simple

You’re the moonlight, you’re silent and stealthy

But when I spot you in the night I tend to be happy

Whether you do it purposely

Just having your presence makes me feel less lonely

And I am so glad when you’re around

Even if you don’t make a sound

Your presence is the key

The silence makes me feel at peace

Because it means there’s no fighting

But when there is

You’re confused

You refuse to improve

Little do you know that you can’t improve 

Because you’re perfect

Too bad you can’t admit it

Because you’re too depressed

You’re too upset

That you missed it

And you shine

Shine so bright

Brighter than anyone I know 

I’d die 

For your light

It only continues to grow

Like a sprouting flower

And like a burning flame

You’re so beautiful and bright

I’d never be the same

I know this whole thing might be hard to follow

Just know that ‘Moonlight still shines through closed windows’