“You Told Me I Was Your Sunshine”



when you told me i was your sunshine

i believed you

when you told me i was the smartest of the five

i believed you

when you told me you could not survive without me

i believed you

so it makes sense that i never learned

to not believe you


you became my definition

your words were my commandments

every breath in my lungs

every beat of my heart

every blink

every stomp

every scrape

every cry

was all made to satisfy

some sort of destiny

that you laid out for me


and i took it

because i love you


youre every statue

every icon

every polaroid memory in the dark recesses of my mind

every stained glass window 

shattering light into thousands and thousands

of colors and illuminating the tones of my skin

you are everything


and i love you


so when you told me that straightening my hair would make me beautiful 

i believed you

and when you told me that i shouldnt stand outside because i’d get too dark

i believed you

and when you told me that my laugh was too big for me to find a husband

i believed you


because what can I say?

i never learned not to

and i love you


i get it

you mean no harm

youre just repeating to me what they said to you


because along with my DNA

my nose

my humor

my love for art

you passed along everything they told you


and i believed you



past tense


because its ok

your nose is perfect

your hair is gorgeous

your skin is beautiful and rich

your laugh is the perfect size to fill the room

youre perfect


you may not yet know that


but i do

and i believed you

so you can trust me


and why would i lie?

i love you