“Chocolate Chip or Sugar?”

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“Chocolate Chip or Sugar?”

Jada Garnett, Editor

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Cookies are falling off the old, wooden table, 

They are falling on the kitchen floor,

Cookies are sitting in the ozone layer of the ocean,

They are sitting beneath the sand,

Cookies are stepped on at the food court at the mall,

They are broken outside the door, 

The cookies are crushed, why don’t you crush them all?


Once the cookies fall,

Once the cookies sit,

Once the cookies are stepped on,

Once the cookies are broken,

Once the cookies are thrown,

Once the cookies are crushed, 


Is that it? Is it over?

Eat the cookie now.

Ew that’s gross!

So that’s it…

It’s over, right? No more. 

If you were ever really friends, it would take a lot more than a few crushed cookies.

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