How Young Is Too Young For A Phone?!

How Young Is Too Young For A Phone?!

Jada Garnett, Editor

Many parents set a certain age that they let their children have a phone. Although, is that really what we should be doing in the 21st century? Every child is different, and it is unfair to make a child wait until they reach a certain age when they should really get their phone when they’re mature enough.

Normally, parents decide that their kids won’t get a phone until they are a certain age to keep them from any harm or danger a phone comes with. This is completely valid — no disagreement in trying to keep the kids safe. The internet and social media comes with so many dangers, it is only natural that parents want to protect their children. 

However, is putting an age on when a child gets a phone really protecting them? The fact of the matter is children mature at different rates. If you say your kid can’t have a phone until they’re 9 years old and they actually have the maturity level of a 12 year old, how is that fair? 

The age in which a child should get a phone should not be based on a number but a maturity level. The way a child will learn to be safe on a phone will come to the true test of how mature they are. If an immature 11-year-old is given a phone when they were not ready for one, they may get themselves in danger. 

Ultimately, it is the parents’ call on when and if their children will get a phone (DUH). This is just another perspective into a way a child should be judged on when they receive phone.

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