Sophia Jacobson, Impact of Israel

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Sophia Jacobson, Impact of Israel

Rosend Pena, Editor

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After Christmas break, everyone threw out their books and picked up eggnog; Sophia, however, picked up her passport and suitcase and headed to Logan Airport in Boston. She would spend the next semester studying and learning more about culture in Israel. I interviewed her to see how this experience has impacted her. 

What were you hoping to get out of your trip?

A: I was hoping to see Israel through a different lens and meet other people who share the same values as me.

Were you anxious, nervous, scared?

A: No, I was excited because it’s a unique once in a lifetime opportunity that I was fortunate to be a part of.   

What was the hardest part or event of the trip?

A: Living in a country where the language was a barrier 

What do you want most people to take away from your experience?

A: The main thing I want most people to take away is to seize every opportunity you’re given and be willing to try new things

Do you miss it — was it really fun?

A: It was fun because I tried new things and got to experience something that not a lot of people don’t get to experience

What were some highlights of the trip

A: Some highlights of the trip were snorkeling in the red sea, climbing Masada, running in the Jerusalem marathon where I got a medal and most importantly just being in the culture.