Welcome, Ms. Ford!


Erika Yang, Writer

Do you remember the class schedule you got at the beginning of this semester? This year, all student schedules are managed by Ms. Ford. When you want an adjustment for your schedule, you will also come to her for help. Maybe you are not familiar with Ms.Ford because she is a new faculty of Bancroft this year. Besides, do you know everyone in Upper School will get email from Ms.Ford every day? If not, it is time to know more about her!

Where is your favorite pizza place?

Paisanos is my favorite pizza restaurant. There is one near my living place but I think you can find it in Worcester too.

 (To those who love pizza, don’t miss it and go try it.)

Compare to your last job, what is the difference and is there anything that makes you feel difficult?

Now I work with older students because I didn’t work in a high school. The most difficult thing is probably continuous interruption when you are trying to work on things because the door is always open for people to come in. Not only from students but everybody. And I am adjusting to it because it is really important to get used to it.

What do you do for your job? It seems many of us think you are just taking charge of students’ schedules.

No, it’s just part of my job. My main task is to maintain Ms. Baker’s schedule and update daily bulletin. That’s why people can get email from me everyday. 

What makes you feel good about your job?

Keeping people organized and correcting wrong information. This is really important to the running of school.

What do you do when you are very stressed?

I will listen to music to relax myself. There isn’t a fixed kind of music I like because I will listen to all kinds of songs.